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Famagusta Car RentalThe Famagusta city is tucked in-between the bay of Capes Greco and Eloes in Cyprus. Car hire is one of the fastest and most comfortable means of commuting around in Famagusta. Famagusta city’s architecture sums up the entire history of Cyprus city and travelers often prefer to hire a car in Famagusta, to get familiar with its architectural landmarks. The well connected alley way and excellent thoroughfare make Famagusta city, a great place to travel with the ease and comfort of a car hire. We let you easily rent a car for Famagusta at most competitive prices as well as get access to top rental benefits like road fund tax, liability insurance, collision damage w3aiver, unlimited mileage and more. with us you enjoy best car rental deals for Famagusta from some of the best suppliers in Cyprus.

Famagusta– Highlights

The history of Famagusta city is a compact version of entire Cyprus region. Note worthy architecture of Famagusta city include Othello's tower, citadel castle, Porta Del Mare and the old ruins of ramparts that encircle the city. Namık Kemal Museum, Djanbulat Municipal Museum and Icon Museum are store house of ancient Famagusta city which are great places for history lovers.  Eastern Mediterranean University which is Famagusta’s oldest educational place is located here.  Also, Shop or dine out in Famagusta with a car hire and enhance your travel experience in the city. 

Next biggest attractions of Famagusta city are the beaches that host attractions like swimming, scuba diving, water gliding and water skiing. Famagusta city is also well known to host fabulous event and festivals. A cheap Famagusta car rental service is often advisable to both business and leisure travelers, seeking easy commuting option to explore its historical attractions.

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